John Davis – Case Highlights

MNL [2019]: very severe traumatic brain injury where client required 2:1 24 hours per day. Significant interim payments obtained to purchase a property for the client and to facilitate the care and rehabilitation they required. 8 figure lump sum settlement secured. Case taken over from another firm of solicitors partway through the claim

DR [2019]: spinal cord injury following an industrial accident. In addition to other interim payments, one interim payment of £1,200,000 secured to purchase and adapt alternative accommodation and also to meet the significant care and rehabilitation needs of the client

Harman v Boyles [2015] £3.5 million award for a lollipop lady hit by a car whilst stopping traffic. Click here for more details.

PJ v. DH [2013] traumatic brain injury and above knee amputation. Lump sum settlement of £6 million.

GB v. LJ [2013] traumatic brain injury. Lump sum settlement of £1.4 million; PP of £67,000 for life.

M v. SH [2013] multiple disabling leg fractures. Lump sum settlement of £3 million.

LG v. KS [2012] traumatic brain injury.  Lump sum settlement of £2.45 million; PP initially of £135,000 increasing to £156,000 per annum.

Bridges v Keogh [2010]: personal injury/ severe adult brain damage and paraplegia; complex quantum and structuring issues.

Borowski v MIB [2010] £8.35 million settlement for tetraplegic Polish migrant worker injured in a road accident. Click here for more details.

C v. Dixon [2009]: personal injury; severe brain damage and organic personality change; complex care issues. Trial of quantum: Lawtel Case Code ACO121429.

Houghton v. Houghton [2009]: personal injury/severe infant brain damage; complex periodical payments dispute.

Dei-Ceci v Armstrong [2008]: personal injury major traumatic brain damage to teenager. £6.3 million settlement. Click here for more details.

Sabir v Ahmed [2006]:  personal injury/RTA; very severe teenage brain injury.

Ditta v Ahmed [2005]: personal injury/ RTA; teenage tetraplegia. Click here for more details.

Jackson v Marley Davenport [2004] EWCA Civ 1225 Draft expert’s reports privileged from disclosure.

Oxley v Milne [2003]: personal injury; complex brain and physical injuries.

Warriner v Warriner [2002]: Settlement of claim arising from serious brain injury following RTA.

Warriner v Warriner [Court of Appeal, 24 January 2002] Challenge to the Discount Rate. [2002] 1 WLR 1703; Lawtel Case Code: AC9600442.

Swallow v. Jackson [2001]: personal injury/catastrophic head injury; defence of malingering; damages awarded at QB trial exceeded Claimant’s Part 36 offer; punitive interest awarded.

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