Splitting high value/business assets

When a couple divorce, it is often the case that there are high value and/or business assets in the marriage.

These assets could consist of property, cash and bank accounts, investments/stocks and shares, companies or partnerships, antiques/cars/wine or art collections.

Often these assets have been acquired over the length of the marriage and have appreciated substantially over time.

If the parties cannot agree over the value of an asset, then valuations will have to be obtained. It is usual for these valuations to be obtained at the joint instruction of the parties, and each person will contribute half of the cost.

If one person is believed to have disposed of assets before a financial settlement, for example, by putting money into an offshore account, the Courts have substantial and far reaching powers to set aside these dispositions.

If one person is making threats to dispose of assets, then a Court can grant injunctions to prevent the assets from disappearing.

If a person is alleging that they have no capital or very little, when their spouse knows for a fact that they have, then a Forensic Accountant can be employed to track down the 'lost' capital, and will provide a report as to the true wealth of the marriage.

We are experts in obtaining and presenting to the Court evidence as to a person's true wealth and are highly experienced in cases where high value assets are concerned.

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