We understand that legal costs will form a significant element of spend for insurers in relation to all types of claims.

Whether in relation to complex multi track litigation, claims proceeding under the fixed costs regime, or simply claims which conclude within the Claims Portal, our experienced in-house team of costs lawyers is able to provide focussed and pragmatic advice to insurers to minimise their total liability for costs.

Our specialist costs lawyers are regularly instructed to advise insurers on all costs issues, and frequently to pursue matters to provisional assessment or detailed assessment hearings.

In respect of multi track cases subject to the costs management regime, our philosophy is to take a robust and proactive stance to costs budgeting. In our experience, stringent costs budgets at an early stage of litigation will frequently result in an earlier resolution of claims, as well as placing important restrictions on the ability of opponents to incur significant levels of costs.

To find out how we can assist you, please contact us at any time. One of our team of specialist lawyers will be happy to discuss your requirements or answer any queries.